Blame The Tyrant is a Metal band hailing from an area known to most as the Space Coast, one of the launching points for the human endeavor into the final frontier. While many people have their eyes toward the sky, Blame The Tyrant has their eyes back on Earth. With music ranging from the melodic to the discordant, they will bring your eyes and ears front and center whenever they perform, bringing the human story front and center.

Founded in 2011, the band was fully born in Cape Canaveral. Within the first year, they had successfully played venues around the Brevard County area and recorded a full length album from the comfort of their own brick dungeon. Blame The Tyrant is now looking toward the border, looking for the next step in the musical journey. Currently working on their second full-length album, they look to surprise their listeners with even more metal that takes the listener on the journey of the human race.

Contact us at blamethetyrant@gmail.com


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